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From Hostage To Hero

Feb 25, 2022

Recent post in FB by a friend:

“Lawyers use the words ‘subsequent’ and ‘prior’ more than any other profession. I am convinced of this. Just say before and after. It isn’t difficult.”

Amen brother.

Y’all are talking like LAWYERS when you should be talking like JURORS in voir dire. The coffee rule can...

Feb 18, 2022

There are two questions that y’all tend to use in voir dire that go NOWHERE.

Avoid these types of questions and use my fail safe questions instead.

Find out what they are by giving this episode a listen.


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Aren’t you tired of...

Feb 11, 2022

When I tell my clients their case is good, a look of horror comes over their face.

“What? Don’t say that!”

Um. This is a problem. If saying “this case is good” makes you feel like I’ll jinx it, something else is going on underneath the surface. And until you fix it, you’re going to struggle at trial.


Feb 4, 2022

We’ve added a new coach to the SariDLM team: Coach Siria Gutierrez! In this podcast episode you’ll learn about Siria, how she came to SariDLM, and how this former “anti-coach” became a mindset coach herself!

We’ll also talk about how Siria wanted to “break up” with the law, and how many of you may feel...