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From Hostage To Hero

Oct 28, 2022

A month or so ago I got an email telling me to “stop telling lawyers not to buy books or attend CLE’s.”

You know when someone tells me -not- to do something, I’m gonna do it, right? (I’m a toddler like that.)

But is that REALLY my message? Do I honestly want you to stop buying books and attending CLE’s?


Oct 21, 2022

Last week my beloved took over the mic and helped you have a mindset shift around case prep.

This week I expand on his thoughts and tell you how, on a practical level, overpreparation is killing your case.

You’ll want to give it a listen, I swear.



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Oct 14, 2022

Give a warm welcome to SariDLM's Lead Mindset Coach (and my #1) Kevin de la Motte!

Coach K (as he is known in our H2H Membership) is here to debunk the three myths that are killing your cases and share the three truths that will help you win in trial. 

He’ll cover his proven mindset practice, step by step, so you can...

Oct 7, 2022

Whenever a client loses a case (it happens!) I always ask, “Did you talk to the jury?”

And in MOST cases my client sheepishly says, “No….”

Ma dudes. You’ve GOT to talk to the jury after a loss (or a win, for that matter) but the reason goes way beyond getting a critique of your performance.

Not talking to...

Oct 3, 2022

"I’ve been listening to your podcast and love the book. Tuesday, I got the largest med mal verdict in Georgia history. Just wanted to say thank you."

That’s the three-sentence email I received earlier this month from plaintiff attorney Natalie Woodward.

Natalie had been preparing for the biggest case of her life...