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From Hostage To Hero

Sep 27, 2019

Failure? Again? Sheesh, that seems to be all I talk about.

Yeah, but it's SUPER IMPORTANT not to just be willing to fail, but to feel into your failure.

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Sep 20, 2019

What's a devil's advocate question? How do you use it? Why is it important?

This podcast episode will answer those questions and more.

If you're having trouble figuring out how to deal with defense arguments in your voir dire or wondering how to test whether jurors really believe what they say they do, you've GOT to...

Sep 13, 2019

As humans, we're ALL about beginnings and endings. When should I start a diet? Monday, of course. What's the best part of running a marathon? The end, duh. 

This preference for beginnings and endings, however, causes you to miss out on the most important part: the middle.

The magic is in the middle. Whatever goal you...

Sep 6, 2019

Presenting in the courtroom carries with it a million tasks that can be overwhelming both for you and for the jury. More often than not, you’re overcomplicating things. 

Would you be surprised to hear that there are really only three things that you need to do in trial? Recognizing that will help you simplify and...

Sep 1, 2019

My FB Live from Wednesday 08/28/19 has been uploaded as a bonus episode on the From Hostage To Hero Podcast.  This week we discussed "Why You Should Let Jurors Control Voir Dire."