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From Hostage To Hero

Aug 26, 2022

I don’t know if it’s because I taught for so long, but for some reason, September always feels like the start of a new year.

Which means it’s a perfect time to rework my time map.What is a time map? It is my most FAVORITE time management tool EVER and will utterly change your life. (No joke.)

Tune in to learn ALL...

Aug 19, 2022

Wanna know why you aren’t getting the big verdicts?

Lack of emotion in opening.

Look, I know you’ve been told you can’t get angry or cry, but that’s some bullshit. 

IF you don’t get emotional at trial, jurors can’t get emotional, and emotion drives action.

Check out the podcast for more.


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Aug 12, 2022

My mentor, Mary Kogen, has died.

In this special podcast episode, I share with you why, if there was no Mary Kogen, there would never be a Sari de la Motte. At least not the one you get to hear from every week. 

In the song “For Good” from Wicked, it says, “Who can say that I’ve been changed for the better? But,...

Aug 5, 2022

The jury wants to help you.

And this can be a HUGE problem.

I know, I know, that doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. If you let the jury help you, you HAVE to have the skills I discuss in this podcast. 

Tune in to learn what they are.

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