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From Hostage To Hero

Aug 28, 2020

Recently, my family moved out to the beach. It wasn't a long thought-out, carefully planned move. Nope. But it was an instinct move and we're pleased we did it.

Life doesn't always allow you to plan everything to the tee, and it rarely goes the way you have it perfectly outlined in your head. 

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Aug 21, 2020

Two podcast episodes ago, I talked about how you need to stop trying to become someone else in court and instead just be yourself.

But then someone asked, "But what if I'm not likeable?"

Ah...likeability. The holy grail of "personality traits" for trial attorneys.

It may not be as important as you think.

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Aug 14, 2020

You know that juror we all worry about meeting in the jury box?

Yeah, we create that person.

No. Really.

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Aug 7, 2020

Why do so many of you become unrecognizable the minute you step into court?

Who you are OUTSIDE of court shouldn't be different than who you are the minute you step within the courtroom walls.

The key is integration.

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