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From Hostage To Hero

Mar 10, 2023

Sexism makes me angry, y’all. 

And this world needs to see what an angry fucking woman looks like a lot more often. 

So, in today’s podcast, I’m showing you.

See. A while back, I sent an email to my list about how I’d gotten some feedback about how my podcast has great content, but there’s also a lot of shameless self-promotion by the host. 

In response to that email, some of you sent me words of “encouragement.” Suggesting that I not let my detractors get to me. 

But here’s the thing. 

I’m a grown-ass woman, and telling me how I should feel or what I should do? It’s as patronizing as fuck.

I don’t take these people on because I’m upset. I take them on because I have an obligation to call out misogyny when I see it. 

So do you, by the way. 

Find out what I mean in today’s episode of the FHTH Podcast. 


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