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From Hostage To Hero

Dec 31, 2021

Exactly one year ago today I received my breast cancer diagnosis. A few months later I’d also learn I had thyroid cancer, and then need foot surgery and end the year with gall bladder removal.

I’m running out of organs, y’all.

But when I think about 2021 my overwhelming emotion is one of gratitude. 2021 was the...

Dec 24, 2021

It’s Christmas Eve y’all and I got you the BEST GIFT EVER.

It’s THE key to radically transforming your life.

If you want things to be different next year, you’ve got to tune in and give this episode a listen.

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate!


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Dec 17, 2021

Why haven’t you gotten that 8-figure verdict yet?

If you were being honest with yourself, you might say, “I don’t work hard enough,” or, “I’m not prepared enough,” or even, “I’m not good enough.”

But you’d be wrong. Dead wrong.

There’s only ONE reason you haven’t gotten that verdict yet and it...

Dec 10, 2021

We all have money stuff. All of us.

Plaintiff attorneys deal in money. 

Which means if you don’t heal your relationship with money, you won’t ask for big numbers and you won’t get big numbers. (Even if you ask.)

In this week’s episode I share three money truths you’ll want to think about as you begin to...

Dec 3, 2021

If you’re working more than 40 hours a week, you’re doing it wrong.

Yeah, I know your brain has something to say about that, but that’s exactly why you need to listen to today’s podcast episode.

Working 40 hours a week is possible. It’s also mandatory if you want to truly be successful.

Give it a listen.


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